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This site is mainly for our Comedy Hypnosis Shows, and No Cost Fundraisers
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Comedy Hypnosis Shows
Our Comedy Hypnosis Shows are always fun, exciting, high energy, and interactive. All our shows, unless requested by you, are always G-rated,and suitable for the whole family.
Mike Valmar is a certified Hypnotist, Disc Jockey, Author, and entertainer. He has been on stage since 1980, and always brings laughter and excitment to the stage. His high energy show will keep your guest smiling and laughing throughout the entire show! Mike’s Comedy Hypnosis show will be remembered, and talked about for the months to come. His Hypnotist Stage show is interactive to both those on stage, and the guests attending the event.
He will always explain what hypnosis is, how it works, and how it feels to be hypnotized. Anyone that volunteers to come on stage will know what hypnosis is, and will always be treated with the respect they deserve. At the end of the show, Mike will give positive suggestions to sleep and feel better. I guarantee everyone on stage will be happy,and feel better. One hour of hypnosis equals about 3 or 4 hours of a well rested sleep.
Stage Hypnosis is an Audience Participation Event For All Ages! Your Audience Will Be Left Spellbound, Dazzled and Laughing Hysterical

No Cost Fundraisers
We offer a No cost fundraiser package for business, charities, venues, and special needs. The way this works is quite simple. You supply the venue, and help sell tickets to the event. We supply the sound system (if needed) DJ, flyers, posters, and even the event tickets. Our only fee is a percentage of the ticket sales, it is truly that simple. We even help you promote and advertise your event. What more can we do? Unlike other fundraisers, there is basicly no work on your part. You do not have to make items for a bake sale, stand out in the heat washing cars, or try to sell candy or books. Just help sell some tickets, and give a date to perform the show. Please contact us for the full details.

ASSEMBLIES Keep the understudies energized and snickering. This project makes positive remembrances that last a lifetime. With this system understudies can enhance trust and self regard making them stronger and more determined to accomplish their objectives. It demonstrates how verifiably compelling the brain is and fortifies that anything is conceivable if you want to achieve it. Give your learners the edge by demonstrating to them how capable their brains might be.

This project is extraordinary for keeping the children safe and entertained. It will make positive remembrances that last a lifetime. This quick paced project keeps everybody included and is always focused on safety and fun. The understudies have the ability to celebrate in a capable and safe way. This show is clean and suitable for everybody.


Our Hypnotist gives motivational and instructive projects unlike any you have seen in the recent past. You will see chuckling and acclaim not yawns and wheezes.
We utilize amusement to catch and hold the people consideration with this intelligent program. They will learn, have fun, and realize that anything is conceivable if you uses the powers of your mind. They will be engaged and taught that assuming that you accept it, you can realize it.
Your scholars, visitors, or representatives will have expanded trust and drive. Their self regard will be lifted to new statures. They will study all the more proficiently and hold data more drawn out and less demanding. Above all triumph won’t simply be a considered, yet a reachable thought.
This high impact project might be customized for any group or venue. It will incorporate a self trance section that will give them the capacity to look after their own needs. They will have the drive to make self improvements, and feel better.
Comedy Stage Hypnotist Mike Valmar provides outstanding quality comedic hypnotist entertainment that is fun, appropriate and demonstrates the power of the mind. The underlying theme is always Comedy Entertainment!
Who else needs to book stimulation that is an ensured hit with any sort of gatherings of people?
Envision an event that will affect your guests long after the show. Everyone will be telling stories about what they recently saw. You will see:
Your gathering of people volunteers turn into the superstars!
A quick paced show that is staggeringly fun for the volunteers and gathering of people.
Stimulation tastefully suited to every living soul in participation. Indeed, the most troublesome gathering of people is drawn into the fun and chuckling.
You and your guests will be laughing uncontrollably with excitement! Our Comedy Hypnosis Show is the most novel and captivating type of stimulation accessible. You will gain the credit for having the understanding to book such a novel and exceptional performer, while your associates will be discussing the show for a considerable length of time to come.

You could make sure that booking this Comedy Hypnotist will surpass each living soul’s yearnings. There is nothing more energizing than a tastefully executed Comedy Hypnosis Show where your visitors transform into the superstars.

Your guests are situated to have a heavenly time, and You’ll get a dynamic entertainer that will fit your arrangement, and You will have some great times and suitable compliments on your choice of keen parody delightment!
My destination is to make every client experience striking with natural event stimulation guaranteed to keep everyone chuckling!
P.s. If you don’t mind contact us ASAP on the grounds that dates fill quite rapidly, and to recollect your occasion’s date is an uncommon event!
P.p.s. You’ll be flabbergasted at it is so simple to be the envy of colleagues.
Call me now at (863) 535 7657, or use our Contact Us options. This is an immediate connection to me, and we can begin promptly.


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